ART GALLERY: Food For Thought – Apollo(getics)

Size: 23mm x 26mm (framed)

Price on application

Human Beans

It may surprise you to know that scientists have no definition of what constitutes ‘life’. We know that we are composed of molecules, but the way we are assembled defies explanation. Life does not fit into any existing mode of human understanding. The dictionary defines life as the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, but clearly it is something more.

One could call 'life' a system that reproduces itself. But if that be the case, then one could say that a computer system is alive! In any event, many humans do not reproduce (sterile men or nuns). Living things need fuel and have waste produce - so, is a car alive? ‘Life’ reproduces; yet mules do not, and crystals do. 'Life' has organised complexity - arteries and legs. Last but not least, human life mostly involves free will, while machines do not possess such. That still, however, does not answer the question.

Now get this. In human terms, we all began when a single sperm met a single egg that first existed in the mother’s womb, that existed in her from the day on which she was born and she in turn too was an egg in her mother’s womb on the first day that she was born etc: technically, mums are immortal! What’s all that about then?

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