ART GALLERY: Food For Thought – Apollo(getics)

Limited Edition (500)
Size: 100mm x 100mm (framed)

Price on application

Astronaut's Reflection

Whenever there is talk in the American Congress of reducing NASA’s annual budget - which is bigger than that of the military, in fact most of it is used to offset the military budget (opps, I’ve just inadvertently given the game away their), NASA instantly respond with bold statements. For example, on 7th August 1996 when they announced that they had found a primitive form of microscopic life in a meteorite that fell to earth 3.6 billion years ago, ie.: an electron microscope revealed structures that were considered to be the fossilized remains of bacteria-like lifeforms. In other words ‘Life on Mars’.

Newspaper headlines around the world screamed: “Martian meteorite Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) found in Antarctic ice field contains evidence of organic life”. Congress duly committed hundreds of millions of dollars to send a probe to Mars. However, a year later, ‘after the funding had been signed off’ (and despite previous missions’ only having found a sterile planet); those same newspapers reported a ‘scientific error’ in small print near the back and no questions were ever asked about the money.

Former Senator Proxmire said: “We would be far wiser spending the money looking for intelligent life in Washington!”

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