ART GALLERY: Food For Thought – Apollo(getics)

Size: 23mm x 26mm (framed)

Price on application

Primordial Soup

If some one said to you, "Where did that tin of tomato soup come from?" You may say, "From a shop", or "Someone made it." But what about the tomatoes inside. Who made them? Why do we think that an insignificant tin can has an intelligent designer and yet something as incomprehensible as a tomato does not? A tin of tomatoes may well be an example of Man’s ingenuity but the tomato itself is a shining example of God’s.

The problem is that we take life on earth for granted. It is amazing beyond belief that we exist at all. But not only that, we can walk, talk, make gadgets with our hands, use our imagination to create things, or use mathematics to solve complex problems, communicate with words, do amazing things with food, or harness the power of the known natural laws. ‘When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude’.

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