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A tribute to
Andrew Sachs

As a guide to British Comedy, John Clease needs no introduction as he is one of our greatest comedians and nor does Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in Faulty Towers - a part which made his own. His catch phrase may well have been ‘I know nothing’, but the truth is, he knew all about comedy timing, delivery, pathos and how to capture the moment.

Sachs was of course a highly skilled comedy actor and it was he who made Manuel warm, sweet and misunderstood all rolled into one and it was this that made his misfortunes all the funnier.

Like many old school comedians he never had to resort to foul language to get a cheap response, especially as he had the ability to make you laugh by saying little more than the word "Que?" And that was his genius and that’s why he will always be, in the words of Faulty Tower’s co-writer Connie Booth ‘universally loved’.

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