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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 340mm x ???mm (framed)

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That's the daily 'living' allowance they get, just for turning up
(travel expenses not included).





Knowing when they are on to a good thing Brexit-bashing millionaire: House of Lords, Lords, businessmen in exile, the BBC and the Left Wing press (described by Russia as useful idiots) spearhead the ‘Remonours’ Campaign to stay in Europe and so they are demanding (in the name of democracy) a second or even a third a referendum, until the people vote the ‘right answer’, like it was the ‘Best of Three‘ or something.

Whilst those people who voted to leave Europe are ordinary working class families and those just managing to get by (the majority) know that when they retire and are condemned to either eating cheap food (from the Pound Shop), or paying for heating know that their health will suffer as a result of a poor diet and they will die a slow, drawn out, painful death, whilst knowing that THEIR tax contributions, went towards suberizing, the lifestyle of the European Intelligentsia.

Meanwhile the White Working Class of this country, who were once nobly referred to as ‘Salt of the Earth’ have more in common with poor ethnic minority communities than their fellow Englishman are now held in contempt and derided by their traditional Liberals and Labour party of choice as ‘Scum of the Earth!

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