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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 340mm x ???mm (framed)

Price on application

Keith Vaz

Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East and part time washing machines salesman (called Jim) is one of the most unethical, corrupt, egotistical, MP’s of modern times (which is saying something, I know). Anyway, Daz, erm Vaz sorry, is not one for washing his dirty laundry in public (as he likes to be seen as being whiter than white) got himself into a bit of a spin when he procured two East European rent boys. But this wasn’t his undoing (Vaz changed the law to make this legal). No, what did it for him was the fact that he tried to buy a Class A drug (cocaine) and poppers (sex drug) to get the boys smacked out of their heads and he was Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee at the time. The issue is this: If you would lie to your wife of 23 years then you WILL lie to your constituents and anybody who fails that test, can’t sit in judgment of others.

Despite earning just £74,926 as an MP and shelling out £35,000 a year on school fees, the diamond encrusted watch wearing Vaz has a haul of seven properties, worth over £4 million and nobody knows where the money has come from - maybe it's from all those washing machines he sells! Either way, what a rum piece of business for a British Peer of the Realm! More revelations will no doubt follow. But for now, in the words of this dishonourable Member of Parliament, ‘let’s get this party started’... 'Who let the dogs out? [Who, who?!]'.

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