ART GALLERY: Typo(graphic) Posters

Mad(e) in London

London is a ‘world city’. A global megalopolis with an amazing cosmopolitan vibe and a unbeatable concentration of international talent: artists, scientists, writers, architects, entrepreneurs, journalists, film makers, programmers, engineers, fashionistas, inventors, sporting heroes and of course musicians.

Everybody contributes and who through their genius and courage, anger and charm, luck and misfortune put the city at the cutting edge of cultural change that has made it today the most exciting city on the planet. No other city comes even remotely close. Not New York. Not Paris. Not Hong Kong and certainly not Berlin. No other place on Earth has got our culture, our history or our Royal Family. In fact, London is so far ahead of the competition that you’d be 'mad' not to want to live here. . . Discuss!

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