Limited Edition (500)
Size: 210mm x 297mm (framed)

Price on application

Philip Green

Philip Green Most people think that because Philip and Tina Green are worth $6 billion and reside at Monaco, then they must be a ‘blessed’ couple.

But what the Greens haven’t got, is the love of their employees and the main reason for this is that Philip raided the BHS pension pot before he sold it to his ‘mate’ for £1. You see when Philip took over the business the fund was £43m in credit and when he sold it, it was running a deficit of -£571m. So where did it all go? Well the fact that he sailed away on a £100,000,000 super yacht may go a long way to answer that question.

So it’s clear Sir Philip (yes he’s a Knights of the Realm) didn’t get his wealth because he professes good business acumen, but because he's a crook. But as they say, ‘Money can’t buy you love’ and the Greens are clearly not enjoying their wealth. So here‘s some free advice: pay off your 11,000 former BHS workers and dedicate the rest of your lives to charitable causes. Do that and you will be blessed with true happiness and if you don’t - then you will be cursed to sail the seven seas in missery and that’s a fact of life. . . Discuss!

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