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Sombrero Galaxy

A mouse trap is made up of five independent parts (wooden base, hammer, metal bar, spring and a catch). To do the job for which it was designed, all of the parts must be in place and functioning; if they are not, then the trap would fail and it would be useless. What is ‘patently’ obvious is that all the parts have been purposely designed for the job that they do. A metal spring could not possibly turn itself into a wooden base, nor a catch into a spring.

Machines (like Man) are made up of small components - but they will not function until all of it works. So how could we have slowly evolved? What came first: the blood or the heart? The mouth or the stomach? Separate bodily systems cannot just come into being and develop themselves into indispensable components (bones & joints, muscles, circulation, nerves and digestion) that meet and marry up with other parts to self-create a functioning creature.

For example: How can the eye possible come about in stages? If it did then first the head would have to appear (on a body!) it would then have to self-develop a visual nervous system, including millions of links to the brain, a lens, a retina, and then two holes must appear in the skull for them to operate in! It's ludicrous to think that man is the result of billions of fortuitous accidents. So how in God's name did we get here?

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Size: 180mm x 60mm (framed)

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