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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 210mm x 297mm (framed)

Price on application

Sex Tape?

I don’t know if the rumoured 'SEX TAPE' of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott still exists, if union money was used to buy it back from the blackmailers, or indeed if Diane Abbott deliberately released it herself to cause a media sensation (like Kim Kardashian and Ray J did, because they wanted to become famous).

Abbott definitely contacted the press and said, in her own (so eloquently put) words: ‘I had a naked half-hour’ romp with ‘a man’ in a Cotswold cornfield in 1985’ and later hinted that the man in question was in fact Corbyn.  But what I do know is that the Labour leader should not be picking his 'Shadow Health Secretary' based on the fact that she once slept with the him in a field? You need a different sort of experience to run one of the most important of shadow government departments? Our country is going through all sorts of turmoil and we need a credible opposition.

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