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The Donald and
The Nigel

Up on the 26th floor of Trump Tower, with its panoramic views of Central Park lives Donald Trump, billionaire property developer, president of the worlds greatest superpower and leader of the free world. This is where he keeps his ‘man cave’, with a ‘feature wall’ adorned with gold framed awards, gold trophies (not that I’m suggesting he has a ‘guilt’ complex) and a huge television screen (presumably showing Fox News).

Two fact: Britain is leaving the European ‘Union’ and as President Trump presides over America’s annual budget of $3.8 trillion, it would represent a real coup if you could get an ‘in’ with him to do business. But how can you do that? Especially when Mr Trump doesn’t know your name and to lobby him would cost $millions.

Now, consider this: Although Mr. Trump is immensely rich and wants for nothing. What he likes to do, is to surround himself with photos of people who have shaped his life. So when he had his photo taken with UKIP leader Nigel Farage (his spiritual father), shortly after BREXIT, it instantly became a defining image of the 21st Century and as such it belongs on his feature wall.

However, the good news is this: political artist Geoffrey Reed has turned it into a piece of art, that has been framed by master craftsmen at Campbell’s of London (South Kensington) and hand gilded in 23 carat German gold leaf and has made it available for public auction.

Bid for and win ‘The Donald and The Nigel’ and you will have a calling card (with a back story) to introduce yourself to President Trump with (to put on his man cave wall) and just before you shake his hand (current record: he shook Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s hand for 19 seconds), which is ample enough time to give him your $64 million ‘elevator’ sales pitch. Now, that’s show business and big business all rolled into one.

News flash. Theresa May was dealt the ultimate ‘trump card’ when she got a BREXIT boost during a G20 summit meeting, as Donald Trump promised to sign a ‘powerful’ trade deal with Britain, guaranteeing that we would thrive outside Europe. In addition other countries queuing up to do free trade deals with us are the super economies of Japan, India and China. As well as Australia, Canada, along with the rest of our Commonwealth.

Prime Minister May said: ‘Britain has always been a great trading nation and that as we leave the European Union then we will seize every exciting opportunities to strike deals and bilateral trading relationships with old friends and new partners’, (unshackled by the red tape of Brussels) own words.

So, what’s it worth? Well (and I’m not making a comparison), but in 2010 the so-called Fake Sheikh, Mazher Mahmood - an undercover journalist for the News of the World tricked Fergie, the Duchess of York into introducing him to Prince Andrew, for an asking price for £500,000.

The Fake Sheikh recorded her saying: "Look after me and he'll look after you... you'll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want”. But whilst Fergie’s actions may well be morally reprehensible. This is however just a piece of art to adorn somebodies wall.

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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 340mm x ???mm (framed)

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