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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 210mm x 297mm (framed)

Price on application

Zac Goldsmith

A lot of people distrust toff politicians and to be honest they have a point. I remember David Cameron saying: ‘we are all in this together and as a nation we will all shoulder the burden of fixing the economy’. Only to find out that he had snuck off to the Bahamas and hid his money offsure to avoid paying taxes on it. Thanks Dave!

But Zac Goldman is different. He is an old school, hard working toff politician, who understands that you are voted in to serve. It also has to be said, that his wealth, has allowed him to stay fearcly independent and not to be pusuaded by Party whips to go against his own conscious and that of his constituents.

Mr Goldsmith is also a prominent environmentalist who has long opposed expansion at Heathrow, due to the high levels of air pollution in Richmond, caused by the fetid air squatting to the west of London, where the airport sits, (one of the most deadly air spaces in Europe).

They say ‘what you don’t see doesn’t hurt you’, well try telling that to the families of the 10,000 Londoners who died from air pollution last year. Unlike most modern politicians, Zac Goldsmith can be trusted by the people who voted him, to serve and to do their will.

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