Cereal Killers

When Theresa May became Prime Minister, the first thing she did was to cancel David Cameron’s crusade to reduce the amount of sugar in childrens breakfast cereals and in particular the banning of cartoon charactors on unhealthy foods. But by doing so she condemned thousands of children to a lifetime of debilitating illnesses and an early grave. As childhood obesity now accounts for one in 11 deaths every year (heart attacks, diabetes and cancers), as by 2050, over 35% of boys and 20% of girls aged 6 to 10 are expected to be obese.

May also threw away the best chance to tackle one of the main problems that is crippling the NHS (over £6bn). People who think that Breakfast Cereals are a vegetarian option to a morning ‘fry-up’ should think again as they are in fact one of the danger foods to avoid (they are full of sugar). Which is why children’s breakfast cereals should be known as ‘Cereal Killers’.

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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 340mm x ???mm (framed)

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