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Coca-Cola (I)
Drink of Death

Despite being one of the most successful brands in history (the second most popular word in the world after ‘hello’) and selling 1.4 billion servings every day, Coca-Cola is also a ‘toxic food’ and is one of the most dangerous drinks on the planet. So much so that if you do drink it in any quantity, then it will significantly reduce your life expediency and that’s a fact.

Firstly, Coca-Cola doesn't contain any nutrients, which means that there’s no actual reason to be drinking it and secondly, the acid in it, matches that of a car battery, which is why you can use it to get grease off machine parts, loose rusty bolts, descale a pan, removing tarnish from copper, or make chrome shiny. Now, imagine what it will do to your insides!

This is what happens to your body when you drink a can Coca Cola:

20 mins your blood sugar levels will spike;
30 mins your pupils will dilate and your blood pressure will rise;
45 mins your body will up your dopamine levels (same as heroin does;
60 mins you will have a sugar crash (leaving you irritable & sluggish).

This is because a 12-ounce serving can of Coca-Cola contains ten teaspoons of sugar (doctors recommend SIX A DAY), which is why people who drink two cans a day become obese, or develop type 2 diabetes, kidney failure, bone damage, strokes or asthma.

In addition the ‘caramel colouring’ contain cancer-causing chemicals (2 methylimidazole and 4 methylimidazole). In addition drinking one litre of cola per day could reduce sperm count by up to a shocking 30 per cent.

Equally worryingly (except this time for the planet) the Coca-Cola Company produce 100bn plastic bottles every year, most of which end up in the worlds oceans, where they poison the eco system and kill millions of marine creatures. It has been estimated that by 2050 there will weigh more plastic floating about in it, than fish!

To make the stuff, Coca-Cola use more than 300bn litres of water a year and have been blamed for water shortages to farmers around their bottling plants all over the world, as, the total water footprint, needed to grow sugar cane and all the other ingredients is 100 times greater (100 litres per litre of Coke). No wonder people are beginning to ask ‘Why on earth is this stuff even legal?’

So since you're here and you now know some of the facts, please help promote awareness to this campaign by having your photograph taken on the ‘Time Out Chair’ (with it’s ‘family sized’ intravenous Coke bottle drip) and fan it out along with a photo of this letter to your family, loved ones and friends on your Social Media account. Let the rot stop here!

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