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Coca-Cola (III)
Carpet Bombing the World

When John Pemberton first started selling Coca-Cola from a stall in Atlanta, Georgia (1886) he sold around nine servings a day – whereas today the company sell 90 billion a day around the world, (except in Communist Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Burma and North Korea), the only country where Coke isn’t the no. 1 soft drink is in Scotland, where they prefer ‘Irn-Bru’. From it’s humble beginnings Coca-Cola PLC now employs 100,000 people worldwide and make a staggering 46 billion U.S. dollars a year (2014).

Coca-Cola say it’s reprehensive of the American Dream and acts as the fault line between capitalism and communism. But here’s the rub. Greenpeace say that the company is a risk to the long term survival of mankind as most of the 110 billion single use plastic bottles the company makes every year end up polluting the worlds oceans, killing untold millions of marine life and which according to the U.S National Park Service takes 450 years to decompose (that’s 110 billion x 450) you do the maths.

But that’s not all - as America (McDonalds, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Coca Cola) goes around ‘Carpet Bombing’ the world with it’s fast food diet of saturated fats and carbohydrates then the obesity levels of those countries quickly follow suite, which is in turn had led to an epidemic of Alzheimer's Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and some Cancers world wide.

Remember, it was the ‘Tobacco Industry’ that wrote the script on how to fool the public, with it’s decades of deceit and actions that cost millions of lives and this is what the ‘fast food industry’ is doing today. First they buy the Governments of the day, via lobbying and ‘political’ donations to stifle regulation and government action by proposing to introduce ‘safer’ products, whilst simultaneously manipulating and denying both the addictive nature of their products and their marketing to children. Then they buy scientific intuitions to falsify scientific reports and to influence public opinion pertaining to food industry.

Which explains why obesity accounts for over 300,000 deaths a year in the United States alone and why the rates continue to climb unabated and why Mexico City, has the highest per capita Coca-Cola consumption in the world, (with each of its 24 million population guzzling three eight-ounce bottles a day), kills twice as many Mexicans as trade in the other kind of coke that Mexico is famous for!... Discuss.

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