Every Little Helps

Supermarkets have systematically wiped out the individuality of the British High Street, by using a marketing technique (illegal in the rest of the world) known as ‘loss leaders’. It works like this: First they undercut the fishmonger, by buying cheap fish from abroad and force them of business and when there is no more competition, they simply put their prices up again.

Then they methodically ‘target’ every other traditional family run shop (butcher, baker, newsagent etc.) in the area and close them down too, leaving behind a clone street of international brands, or one that’s reduced to pound shops, bookies and junk food outlets. Or worst still – boarded up.

They then turn on the food suppliers (milk, chicken, beef farmers) who no longer have an outlet to sell their goods in and offer them less and less until they to can no longer make a profit and don’t even get me started about the long term health implications associated with buying supermarket food that is designed to have a longer shelf life by packing them with toxic additives, preservatives and artificial colourings.

This is and why we have so few independent shops on our High Street, why you can’t buy English apples, potatoes and milk anymore and why we are all dying of cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart conditions. Hence the reason, I although wouldn’t personally piss on a supermarket if it was on fire – as they say in the business ‘Every Little helps!’

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Limited Edition (500)
Size: 400mm x 660mm (framed)

Price on application

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