ART GALLERY: Typo(graphic) Posters

Limited Edition (250)
Size: A1 841mm x 594mm (33.1 x 23.4)

Collection from Gallery

Mad  in Paris

Just stroll over the Alexandre III bridge (gilt ornamented beyond the bounds of reason), along the River Seine, or through the Palace of Fontainebleau gardens, as the sun goes down and you will instantly know why Paris is probably  the worlds most beautiful cities and why it is known as the ‘City of Love’.

A city of culture, it’s got the absolutely stunning stained glass windows of the Sainte Chapelle, some of the worlds greatest museums, 70+ Mitchelin-starred brasseries and the best waiters (in aprons) on the planet, a magnificence collection of Impressionist paintings and boy do they know how to make a decent pastry, which is another reason why we must continue to go.

Paris offers the largest concentration of tourist attractions in Europe, including: the Champs-Elysées, Edith Piaf, Notre Dame, Brigitte Bardot, The Louvre, Frederic Chopin, Versailles, Coco Chanel, the Eiffel Tower, Louis Braille, the Mona Lisa, Maria Callas and the other Statue of Liberty, all within walking distance between one another.

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