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Limited Edition (250)
Size: A1 841mm x 594mm (33.1 x 23.4)

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Mad(e) in Manchester

Manchester emphasises everything that is great about Britain. The City is welcoming, diverse and industrious and it’s people (Mancunians) are cheerful, warm and friendly. It is as famous for the greatest football teams on earth (Manchester United), as it is for it’s contribution to the world: Having given birth to the textiles industry, the modern railway and developed the submarine. It’s where Rolls-Royce developed their car and plane engines, Ferranti made his electronic discoveries and where JW Alcock and AW Brown (the first pilots to fly the Atlantic non-stop) went school.

It is home to the oldest library in the English speaking world (1653) and it was at Manchester University that Ernest Rutherford split the nucleus of the atom, Hans Geiger invented his Geiger counter, William Jevons devised the first machine which enabled a problem to be solved faster than a human could do, where Alan Turing studied and was where Graphene (the world’s thinnest substance, one atom thick) was discovered.

Furthermore, Manchester is where Emmeline Pankhurst led the Suffragette movement, where Coronation Street (Corro) is filmed and best of all, was where Caroline Aherne chose to call her home. “Alright our kid are you sorted?”

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