ART GALLERY: Typo(graphic) Posters

Limited Edition (250)
Size: A1 841mm x 594mm (33.1 x 23.4)

Collection from Gallery

Just zip-it

Their are times when we all need to politely tell someone to be quiet. Like just before someone is about to speak (in a presentation, a meeting or conference) or if a play is about to start. In those instances, you would respectfully ask them to stop talking, or if that didn’t work, then make a ‘shushing’ noise.

But, their are other times when you need to be a little bit more forceful and close them down before they have an opportunity to have their say and that’s when you tell them to ‘zip-it!’ For example:

Mother: Be quiet.
Child: But I don’t want to...
Mother: I said zip it!

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