Labour Pains

On the 2nd May 1997 when Tony B.liar came to power he said: “Whilst there is still one child or pensioner in poverty, one person denied their chance in life, there is one Prime Minister and one party that will have no rest, no vanity in achievement, no sense of mission completed until they are too set free”.

From those auspicious words he went on to dismiss the will of the people and took us into two prolonged wars aboard (of his own making and without consulting either the People or even his own Government), in Iraq and Afghanistan and yet after leaving office (in his post Number 10 career of enriching himself), he went on to be paid £millions for his mediation skills, ‘consultancy’ work for corrupt and repressive autocrats and a. . . erm Middle East peace envoy!

Despite taking us on an unchecked ten year, mother of all unbridled spending binge, blowing every penny we had in the bank and every penny we could borrow off the worlds banks, whilst skilfully keeping £billions off the books by the shameful PFI scheme (which we are still paying for) and for leaving GB PLC bankrupt. He is now employed by JP Morgan as a financial advisor and paid £2.5 million a year. From his working class roots in Glasgow with a liberal world view, he has amassed a £60+ million personal fortune, none of which he pays taxes on in this country.

Without being affected by his aversion to African dictators he now conducts business with Rwanda, the Congo and Nigerian despots on behalf of hedge funds in search of minerals, mines and other natural resources. How could one ‘ordinary kinda guy’ leave behind so much pain?... Discuss!

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