Defined as: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognised leader.

So. Does your face light up every time a light-bulb pops, do you live in fear of dropping off the media radar, are you hell bent on being incarcerated in the Big Brother house. Do you keep a picture of yourself in your own wallet? Or break into a song every time you open the fridge door? Answer 'YES' to any of the above, then you have a serious image problem - answer 'NO' then you need to update your survival skills. But in today's society which one is the right answer?

Anoraks, fools, maniacs . . . . . . plonkers, the world's full of them and life would be a duller place without them. Truth is we all act like a spanner at one time or another, be it how we relate to others, how we dress, or through our behaviour and it's that diversity of the human race that we're celebrating in this book.

Whatever our so-called European ‘partners’ try to tell us, stereotypes do exist; different countries have different identities: the French are arrogant; Scotsmen are careful with money, the Welsh love to sing and the Irish are a nation of comedians. And these national identities can be broken down further still; it's astonishing how people conform to type: East End doormen really do wear gold chains around their necks, PR girls do wear thongs the size of dental floss and Christians do come in two types; happy clappy or frozen chosen.

Maybe the meek will inherit the earth because if it's not about genetics (survival of the thickest and all that) then what on earth are some of these 'tribes' for? Truth is nobody knows, except to say that their numbers are on the increase - these people breed! They turn up in all walks of life - there are no: age, sex, colour bars, or socio-economic barriers. All we can say about them with any authority is that they don't try to blend in! Maybe you are one of them? . . . Discuss!

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