What on Earth are YOU doing?

The human body is more than just a shrink-wrapped bag of blood and bones. It is actually a self-replicating, self-repairing, self-conscious living MACHINE and a wonder of mechanical design. It is constructed from five separate systems (bones & joints, muscles, circulation, nerves and digestion). None of which could ‘evolved’ independently, as the body needs all of them working in unison to survive. But what came first – the blood or the heart? The mouth or the stomach? The skin or the insides?

Of course if you want to make a human being from scratch, then you can buy all the chemicals at your local chemist and make one yourself at home, however scientists are at a loss to explain how these elements came together to form such a perfect machine (Man), except to say it would be wrong to suggest that Miss World is, in reality, a collection of chemicals, costing a few pounds!

Our bodies can only be described in mechanical terms. Our heart is a hydraulic pump (with inlet & outlet valves), our reproductive organs have been designed to a ‘plug and socket’ specification and we have a built in sewer system. It is inconceivable that Man ‘self-assembled himself’ to this degree of complexity by random mutations, or even more impossibly, by chance. So where did we come from?

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