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“There are things out there! There absolutely are!”
Major Robert Waller. United States Air Force July 17, 1962

Geoffrey Reed

It’s an extraordinary fact and it goes unreported, but amazingly three children a minute (that’s 140,000 a year) go missing in Great Britain every year. Where do they go?

AGNUS DEI - Sacred Choral Music

‘Way Above Top Secret’ takes you on a journey from a time before recorded history, into the future and beyond. It is a debunker of myths and the last word in conspiracy theories, including the assassination of John F. Kennedy by aliens!

The story opens with Fredwick Fanthorpe going to a seminar by the renowned Professor David Hype - a ‘scholar of the unexplained’. There he teams up with aspiring investigative reporter Makayla Appleton and together they go in search of Fredwick’s brother who he believes has been kidnapped by alien beings.

From the mysterious Book of Revelations to Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, to Darwin’s journal, via Einstein’s blackboard, Our story takes Fredwick and Makayla to the very heart of a 5,000 year old establishment cover-up as it transpires that while spaceships may appear to be extra-terrestrial in origin, they are not from another planet, but are in actual fact human beings visiting us from our future.

But what have they come back for, and what are there intentions? Why leave us cryptic messages in cornfields when they could simply interrupt the airwaves? More importantly what is their mission: to excavate, to explore or to conquer?


Fredwick (Voiceover)

1.  JFK montage:

On the 27th April 1961, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, President John F. Kennedy made his now largely forgotten ‘Secret Society Speech’, referring to those people who are the real power behind global affairs. It was a call for action against covert organisations that operate under the radar and who act as an unofficial world government from within the United States of America and unbeknown to their people, who thought they lived in a democracy.

2. JFK’s voiceover and actual video footage: “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excess and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it”. JFK.

Fredwick (Voiceover)
3. Play Zapruder film:
Fact. Any United States government whistle-blower who doesn’t act anonymously is a dead whistle-blower. And so as a warning to others, on 22nd November 1963, in Deale Plaza, downtown Dallas, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was executed live on national television. The result of which is that even today, few President’s of the United States rarely, if ever go public on Secret Societies anymore and there’s a reason for that. . . Bang! A UFO fly’s past and an alien shoots the President. Footage of JFK getting head blown-off in Dallas, his presidential car pulls away in silence. Followed by Jack Ruby getting shot by an alien. Fade to black screen.

(Classical music overlaid with Apollo astronauts exchanging information with mission control).

5. Ext: The Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, Highgate Village, North London, England. November 2012, 15:22pm:

Fredwick parks his Steampunk VW Campervan (Steampunk is Victoriana with a futuristic twist) and walks across to the village noticeboard. He sees a poster of a man wearing a bowler hat with a light bulb sticking out of the top, with a backdrop of the stars. It reads as follows:

Professor David Hype – ‘Scholar of the Unexplained’ will be presenting a lecture on this subject at the The Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, Highgate Village, Hall on ??/??/?? at 07:30. The word ‘TONIGHT’ is stuck diagonally across the corner. He looks at his SteamPunk watch, it says twenty five minutes past seven. A lady approaches from behind.

Is this the place where the ‘outer-world obsessive’ is giving a talk on ‘Little Green Men?’

If you mean Professor Hype’s seminar on ‘UFO’s ANCIENT ALIENS AND OTHER UNSOLVED MYSTERIES’ then the answer’s yes.

Brilliant. I’m Makayla Appleton, scientific correspondent from the Ham & High Express. Pleased to meet you. A vicar walks, in front of them and into the building.

I wonder what he’s doing here?

What do I know, I’m an atheist. If I went into a library to get a copy of the Bible, I wouldn’t know weather to go to the fiction or the non-fiction section! Show somebody in a library asking for a Bible and the girl on reception confused as to where to send him.

Shall we go in?

6. Ext:
The camera tracks towards a star, where a red sleeved Devil moves a Chess piece and a white sleeved Angel counters.

7. Int: The Intuition
They go up some steps and into the main hall. ‘Mars’ by Gustav Holst is playing - getting progressively louder and louder, (mix in some dialogue from Mission Control). They are ushered to their seats. On the stage there is a table with ten skulls (borrow Dr. David Ellis skull collection) representing 3.2 million years of human ancestry, dinosaurs and rock samples from outer space. On the screen are: Wernher Von Braun words: “You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not alone in the universe. And either way, the implications are staggering”.

Scene 2. Int: HIGHGATE VILLAGE HALL (PowerPoint DEMO): An image of deep space with billions of stars is projected onto a screen.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. It has often been said that two of the most important questions anyone could ask themselves are; Who am I? And where did I come from? Truth is, nobody knows how life on earth got up and running. God (if He exists) has seemingly pulled away and left us to our own devices. Yet the alternative ‘life from no life’ is scientifically impossible – you can’t get blood from a stone. So how did we get here? For those of you who believe in God, then He is the designer behind the miracle of birth. Humanly speaking, we all began when a single sperm met a single egg and created You.

Animation of egg and sperm fertilising, followed by: You first existed as an egg in your mother’s womb, those eggs existed in her from the day she was born and she in turn too was an egg in her mother’s womb on the first day she was born etc.

But where did the first egg come from?... Technically speaking moms are immortal!

Backstory: One night. Fredwick tells Makayla how he lost his fiancé to ‘Joe the lodger’ who (despite not knowing anything about), he rented a room out to. Anyway, it transpires that one night when Fredwick was proposing to her, Joe rushed into the room and tripped over her cat, falling face first into a glass coffee table and got a shard of glass in his eye.

Fredwick’s girlfriend took Joe to hospital and when he came back, he had to wear a cotton patch over his eye for several months. As she nursed him back to health they formed an emotional attachment and one night they secretly eloped.

Fredwick never saw either of them again. Where did he come from? Where did he go?

Cue the Music: Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe:
‘Ef it hadn't ben fur Cotton-eyed Joe,
I'd er been married long ergo’.
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe (Official Music Video) - RednexMusic com


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