Ideas for Television

Opportunity Knocks
Owning the Rights to a TV game show formats is worth big money, especially when the concept is sold abroad, particularly in America, where it's practically all they watch.

Deal or No Deal
Game shows are easy to do, cheap to produce and more importantly, (if you get the formula right), are worth telephone number rewards. For those in the know ‘small screen is big business’.

Sale of the Century
To support that statement. We already have a raft of innovative ideas that are both entertaining and commercial and we have access to a highly qualified group of people from the media industry to make them happen. Furthermore, we want to establish ourselves as a company that makes successful television, because we have an idea that will replace the National Lottery and we want to take our original investors along with us. But to achieve this we need a track record in the industry. So...

The £64,000 Question (is):
Why are TV production companies so wealthy? And the answer is simply because they are the ones who own the ‘TV rights’ to their own shows, which they sells them on. This explains why Jasper Carrots 15% steak in Celador (Who Wants To be A Millionaire?) was valued at £300M million, as the worldwide rights were sold to 106 countries for over £106 million. Other examples are:

- Worth £100 million.
- £70m is earned from TV ads.
- Format has been sold to 41 countries.

CBS paid Endermol £14million for the rights.
The company was sold for £3.8billion.
Channel 4 made £45m from advertising.

- The high tech set cost £7m (it’s television).
- 450 people live and work on the jungle set.
- It costs £12 million for the 3-week series.


For more information, go to:
- ClingFilm Media Productions
- Majesty Capital

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