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It’s a shameful secret that those who lord over us want to keep under wraps. But since Brian Paddick (former deputy assistant commissioner of the London Metropolitan police) decommissioned the sale and use of cannabis, as so enthusiastically endorsed by the hapless Liberal Party of the day (so that they can appear ‘trendy’ and appeal the ‘yoof’) that there is no government department that keeps a comprehensive record of exactly how many children are murdered because of his and the so called ‘Liberal’s’ actions in Britain every year.

But according to the Evening Standard (who feel it’s moral responsibility for the good people of London) the city has ‘gone to pot’ as gun and knife crimes have gone through the roof as FIVE children are shot or stabbed in London every day – all of whom were victims of drug related gang violence and that for many, carrying dangerous weapons has now become a way of life.

All proceeds from the sale of this artwork, will go directly towards developing the film script for ‘Wired to the Moon’.

"Community leaders, local police officers and local residents have pointed out that this experiment has caused a significant increase in drug dealing of all kinds in Brixton. Worse yet, this experiment has handed over control of the estates to drug dealers and their gangs. Ultimately, this issue is about whether the forces of law and order control an area or whether it is controlled by other forces”
Brixton Community Leader

“The home secretary should think again about a drugs experiment ‘damaging’ the lives of young people in London's Brixton”
Iain Duncan Smith (Tory leader)

“The dealers have no need to hide now. If the Government wanted to try to control drugs they should have done it in a controlled way in the bars or other places that adults frequent rather than on the streets”
Pauline Cumming (grandmother)

“There was no evidence to show his relaxed approach had attracted an influx of ‘drugs tourists’ to Brixton, therefor I conclude that the scheme is a success”
Mr Brian Paddick (Chief Superintendent London's Metropolitan Police Service)

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