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I have a slate of original TV ideas that I would like go into production with and so to that aim I want to set myself up as a TV Production Company, so that I can retain those lucrative ‘Rights’ (which are traditionally transferred to the production company that make the show).

•  What ideas have you got?
I’ve got lots of ideas for TV and film and a massive idea that has the potential to compete for that £2.00 that people currently spend buying a National Lottery ticket. How do I know that people will drop the Lottery and play my game? Simply because it’s a bit more exciting than watching six balls jump up and down in a cage and is potentially more rewarding.

Consider this: The Lottery hasn’t always been around and it was itself preceded by the ‘Pools’, which was in turn knocked ‘Spot the Ball’ into touch. Everything has it’s day and the Lottery is coming to it’s natural end. Especially as the lines of technology have converged (smart phones, internet, online banking, Apps). I have a brilliant idea, it even circumnavigates America's tough anti-protectionist legislation. But before I attempt to do this, I need to get a couple of shows under my belt first.

•  How will you achieve this?
I have solid contacts in the industry: I can get all my shows made at ITASCA Film Studios ( ). Their CEO (Malcolm Walker) has given me free range to use their studio and outdoor broadcasting facilities in Hampshire.

I’m also friends with Grammy and Emmy winning producer Kipper Eldridge, who is a long time collaborator of Sting (he Produces his solo albums). He in turn has got me access to Abbey Rd recording studio ( ).

•  How will you distributed the shows?
Through Movie House Entertainment Ltd ( ) whose directors have been in the film distribution business for over 25 years, having previously worked for ‘The Samuel Goldwyn Company’ and ‘Warner Brothers’ they can ensure a seamless flow of revenue in terms of licensing, delivery and collections.

•  Who is your legal eagle?
I have a lawyer who acts for me, Jonathan Hadley-Piggin at Keystone Law
( ).

•  What sets this business apart from the competition?

•  How will it all work in practice?
- Set up ClingFilm as a ‘TV Production Company (to retain the rights)
- Take the idea to a broadcaster (ITV, BBC, C4, London Live) to get it commissioned
- Get ITASCA to make the shows
- Get Movie House Entertainment Ltd to sell the franchise on
- Repeat the above.

•  Why are TV production companies so wealthy?
The successful ones are those who own the ‘TV rights’ to successful TV shows and then sells them on. Jasper Carrots 15% steak in Celador (Who Wants To be A Millionaire?) for example was valued at £300M million.

• Worth £100 million
• £70m is earned from TV ads
• Format has been sold to 41 countries

• Jasper Carrots 15% share is worth £300m
• The rights have been sold to 106 countries
• The worldwide rights was sold for £106m

• CBS paid Endermol £14million for the rights
• The company was sold for £3.8 billion
• Channel 4 made £45m from advertising

• The high tech set cost £7m (it’s television)
• 450 people live and work on the jungle set
• It costs £12 million for the 3-week series

Why should anybody invest?
- I have creative and innovative ideas that are both entertaining and commercial.
- I have access to a highly qualified group of people from the media industry.
- I want to establish myself as an ideas man who can make successful television.
- I have an even bigger idea, that I want to carry my investors along with me to.

It’s Your Call (a TV show and a credible alternative to the National Lottery)
Is the fun way to win £1million through your TV set and from the comfort of your own home. I never understood why Sir Richard Branson blew £millions trying to buy the National Lottery when you could invest in my start-up TV company instead?

How much money do you need before you can take this project live?
I’m currently working with ‘Ernst Young’ and ‘Shelley Stock Hunter LLP’ to come up with some numbers.

If you would like to have a conversation about any of the above, then please feel free to contact me. Details below.



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