Geoffrey Reed's idea to

Replace the National Lottery

Once upon a time there were two ways in which you could become a millionaire – you either earned it or you inherited it. But now there’s another way and it’s nothing to do with intelligence or birthright, because for a £2 phone call – YOU could simply WIN IT!

It's Your Call (a TV show with a difference):
Is the fun way to win £1 million through your TV set and from the comfort of your own home.

The UK’s National Lottery was established in 1994 and the Camelot Group was granted the licence to run it in 1994, 2001 and again in 2007. For every £1 spent on National Lottery games, 28p goes towards good causes, 50p towards the prize, 12p to the Treasury, 5p to the retailer and 5p to the operator to cover costs and profit. They literally have a license to print money.

Now consider this:
The concept behind It’s Your Call (a game show with a difference) is based on the following observation: People have always gambled: First with dice and then with a deck of cards. Fast-forward a few centuries and people began to bet on the horses. Then, they played Spot the Ball, which was replaced by the Pools and today they play the National Lottery, which is sadly (for Camelot) coming to its natural end too.

If it’s all about timing, then:
The timing is right because not only have people got tired of watching 49 balls rattling around in a cage (especially when after 23 years most have never won anything). They are now on the look-out for something new and exciting to spend their £2 on. In 2016/17, Camelot made an operating profit of £6.9 billion (which although impressive) was a fall of £670 million on the previous year.

But people are also suffering from Reality TV fatigue as well. Primetime Game Shows have also lost their appeal. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Deal or No Deal and Weakest Link have all gone. Big Brother is going and only I’m a Celebrity is just hanging in there. There’s a huge gap in the market waiting to be filled by the right series, and my game show is it. But imagine the rewards if you could find a formula that combines the Lottery with Reality TV?

In truth, I never understood why Sir Richard Branson blew £millions and wasted his time and energy trying to buy the National Lottery, when he could simply have invested in my idea (It’s Your Call) instead. I did ask him.

My plan is to take that £2 that people spend on the National Lottery and get them to spend it on my game instead. We will give our players real value for money. Because, just like a horse race is so much more exciting when you are standing trackside and you have something ‘riding’ on it, my show will recreate that participatory feeling in your own home and that’s a powerful motivator.

It’s also worth pointing out that ITV are actively seeking new ideas to replace X Factor and also that game shows per se will never go out of fashion; they just need to be updated. Especially today as the lines of technology have converged (smartphones, internet, online banking, apps) and It’s Your Call’s is perfectly positioned to exploit them, it even circumnavigates America's tough anti-protectionist legislation.

Q: So, has Geoffrey Reed got an idea that will ‘steal’ that £2 that people spend on a Lottery ticket?
A: You bet he has!

But before I attempt to roll that idea out, I need to get a track record in the industry. Hence the reason I want to set up my own TV Production Company.

© Geoffrey Reed
15th August 2017

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