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Enamel coated metal plate, curved
Limited Edition (500)

Size: 320mm x 440mm (framed)

Price on application

Julian Assange (CCTV)

We live in a surveillance society. There are currently 5.9 million closed-circuit cameras (one for every 14 people) in Britain and that’s just the ones we know about! It’s conceivable that we will soon all be wearing body-video devices (Google are already trying it out). But how long before we will all be streaming our daily lives, live on line? Julian Assange is famous for publishing classified information, disclosing US secrets without authorisation and was directly responsible for the death of hundreds of allied lives.

It’s ironic really, but the Wikileaks founder made headlines by making public national secrets through the Guardian newspaper and the internet, while at the same time insisting on maintaining personal privacy for himself. He is currently holed up in a Knightsbridge bedsit, courtesy of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

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